映画監督   アンジェイ・ワイダ



Memories of Etsuko Takano
Movie director   Andrzej Wajda
Krystyna Zachwatowicz Wajda

Etsuko Takano was a friend close to our heart for many years. She played an essential roll in our lives. She had deep understanding and profound expertise in films. My most important works were shown at Iwanami Hall in Tokyo. It was her who proposed my name to be a recipient of the prestigious “Kyoto Prize” of Inamori Foundation. When I received the prize in 1987, I decided to use the prize money for constructing a building in order to accommodate Japanese artworks which had been scattered around several museum storerooms in Krakow. It was also her who introduced us to Mr. Arata Isozaki, one of the distinguished architects in the world. He sent us a plan of future Manggha museum in Krakow, and that paved the way for us to materialize our vision.
She was our Lady Luck who kept an eye on all the efforts to build the museum. Tens of thousands of Japanese people were moved by her enthusiasm. She organized a fund-raising campaign in Japan to establish Manggha museum in Krakow. She also brought about a million dollar donation from East Japan Railway Worker’s Union, by which construction begun at last. She was highly respected and trusted among people in Japan. If it had not been for her, Japan Center in Krakow would not have been built.
We also acquainted ourselves with old Japan (traditional Japanese culture) with her help. She accompanied us to Japanese theatres and showed us around Japanese fine arts such as paintings and architecture.
Her death was an irretrievable loss to us. We deeply regret that we will not be able to have her next to us at the twentieth anniversary of Manggha museum. Her memories will continue to stay with us with great sorrow and gratitude.