A part of the living room and the kitchen on the first floor of Aalto house (Fig.6 blue section) is reproduced at full scale in Gallery A4 (Fig.4 blue section). Visitors can walk around the gallery holding a tablet to virtually experience the inner space of the Aalto house with AR and see 3D models and commentary video.

AR Travel to Aalto House (2019) ●Producer/Director: Takehiko Nagakura, MIT Department of Architecture ●Special thanks to Timo Riekko and Hanna Pärnä ●Nagakura’ s Team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology ●App design and Development: Woongki Sung, Takuro Kikuchi ●Preliminary Study: Eytan Mann ●3D Modeling: Shaoying Tan, Xiaoyun Zhang ●Fieldwork: Woongki Sung, Takuro Kikuchi, Eytan Mann ●3D print/Video: Nikolaous Vlavianos ●Assistant Staff: Wenzhe Peng, Yichen Jia ●A part of this project is sponsored by MIT-SUTD International Design Center Research Fund