樹種やある特定の材木のもつ特徴、まつわる物語とそれによって起こる感情を理解することが木工藝作家にとっては最も重要である。材に 関する科学的知見だけでも、また単に経験だけでも駄目で、材木とともに生活し、五感を総動員してその材をわが物とし、自分の手を動かして作り、さらに古今の銘品に触れ、自分を啓発するなかでしかその感覚は得られない。


The Wood Used for Woodwork

The most important thing for a wood artist is to understand the characteristics of tree species and specific timber, as well as the narratives that surround them and the emotions that they evoke. Scientific knowledge about timber or experience alone do not suffice; true understanding only comes by living daily with the timber, using all the five senses to take ownership of the timber, relentlessly using the hands, and coming into contact with fine works from all ages to enlighten oneself.